Welcome to my world

Hello there Readers and welcome!

The purpose of my blog is simple. Knowledge sharing. My hope is that you will learn a little something about essential oils through my experiences and the knowledge I have gained and, in turn, share this knowledge with others.

I decided to start this blog because when people learn I use essential oils, they immediately start asking me a lot of questions. I’ve come to realize when answering these questions that I know a heck of a lot more than I thought. Not everything. Far from it. But more than the average person.  I suppose I would describe myself as an advanced beginner.

I have also come to realize when speaking with these people that there is almost a sense of relief that they have found someone with whom to discuss essential oils.  Almost like there is a big secret they have been keeping and when they learn I know the secret, they start talking a mile a minute.  Essential oil usage may be seen as very “woo woo” by others; especially in the corporate world, and it can be very risky to your career if you are perceived as one of those “woo woo” people. So, in me, they discover they have a like-minded friend who will not judge and they pick my brain.  I have enjoyed the brain picking so much that I feel like I need an outlet to share what I have learned and what I have yet to learn. Hence, the blog.

I am primarily a doTERRA user and, yes, I am a Wellness Advocate. I became a doTERRA Wellness Advocate primarily to take advantage of the wholesale prices but I do have a web site where you may order some of the oils we will be discussing if you like. Just go to: http://mydoterra.com/oilsbycoils   (Hey, I’m not an idiot.  If I can share my essential oil knowledge, direct you to a good quality oil brand and pick up a little cash for doing so, good for me.)  I also enjoy Rocky Mountain Oils and oils by animalEO.  I haven’t used Young Living yet but plan on trying their Thieves blend soon.  If you know anything about those brands, you’re probably very surprised I’m a fan of both companies.  I don’t understand why people who sell doTERRA or people who sell Young Living have to trash each other’s brand.  It’s stupid as both are good quality oils. I suspect these people are more interested in their bank account than helping others.

I also have “oilsbycoils” Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Facebook accounts as people have their preferences so this is my attempt to reach people who may not search for a blog on essential oils but will happily scroll through tweets or Instagram pics.

I hope you come along with me on this journey and enjoy the ride.






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